I Wanna Be The Gut Is A Game For The 3DVision Pocket.


1. Bowser

1- Mario

2. Son Goku

2- Trunks

3. Tails

3- Dr Eggman

4. Boshy

4- Solgryn

5. Donkey Kong

5- Donkey Kong Jr.

6. Lord Frack

6- Pacman

Secret BossesEdit

1: Luigi

2: Tamera

3: Sonic

4: Dark Boshy

5: Mecha Donkey Kong

6: Ms Pacman

Bosses In Debug Mode OnlyEdit


2.Kid Buu


4.Ms Solgryn

5.Dark Donkey Kong Jr

6.Inferno Jones


1- Super Mario Bros

2- Dragon Ball Z

3- Sonic The Hedgehog

4- I Wanna Be The Boshy

5- Donkey Kong (GB)

6- Pac-Man

YouCube Inc. Did IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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