Annoying Orange: Angry Apples Is A Game For The 3DVision. It Is Like Angry Birds But With Annoying Orange Characters.


Red Apple (Playable)

Blue Apple (Playable)

Yellow Apple (Playable)

Black Apple (Playable)

White Apple (Playable)

Green Apple (Playable)

Fat Apple (Playable)

Orange Apple (Playable)

Ice Apple (Playable)

Pink Apple (Playable)

Princess Butterfly Kiss (Bought For $0.99)

Normal Orange (Enemy)

Small Orange (Enemy)

Big Orange (Enemy)

Helmet Orange (Enemy)

Grandpa Orange (Enemy)

King Orange (Enemy)

Fat Orange (Boss)

Mecha Orange (Boss)

Orange Octopus (Boss)

Space Orange (Enemy)

Vampire Orange (Boss)


1. Roasted Marshmellows

2. Grandpa Party

3. Orange Atlantis

4. Fat Setup

5. Vampire Nation

6. Kitchen Chaos

7. Frankenfruit's Secret Lair

8. The End

Abilitys For Each AppleEdit

Red Apple - Nothing

Blue Apple - Split Into 3 Blue Apples

Yellow Apple - Speed Up

Black Apple - Explode

White Apple - Drop A Marshmellow Bomb That Explodes When It Hits Something

Green Apple - Shoot A Lazer That Bounces On Walls And The Ground And The Lazer Dissappears When It Hits Something Other Than A Wall Or The Ground

Fat Apple - Nothing

Orange Apple - Inflate And After 5 Seconds, Deflates

Ice Apple - Shoot 3 Icicles

Pink Apple - Drop A Marshmellow Bomb That Explodes When It Hits Something And When It Hits A Orange, The Orange Turns Into A Red Apple

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